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Derek Simpey


steelpan player

My Story

Hey there my name is Derek Kwabena Simpey and I’m a professional Steeldrum Performer. I was born in Amsterdam Southeast. At the young age of 8 I encountered this beautiful instrument at my old primary school during a christmas event. Seeing and hearing them play made me fall in love with the sound already! I got invited to their practice and ever since I’ve never stopped playing this unique instrument..


Years of experience

Flag of Ghana



About DS Melodies

What does DS Melodies represent?

The full tropical steeldrum experience with an African vibe.

This consist out of:
– DJ & Live Steeldrum Entertainment
– Afrobeats
– Nederhiphop
– R&B
– Soca Music
– Calypso Music
– Modern music etc.
– Goodvibes

Starts from €200,- excl. tax
15 – 60+ minutes

With a unique kind of entertainment that people are sure to enjoy! Listen to the smoothing sound and rhythmic influences of no one other than Derek Simpey.

Available for:
– Wedding events
– Birthday Parties
– Restaurants, bars
– Club party’s and more…

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